Paragliding & hang gliding - the hotspot for (high-)flyers in Tyrol
Venet is an ideal mountain for paragliding and hang gliding and has an excellent reputation far beyond Austria’s borders.
Due to its unique natural scenery and ideal thermal conditions this is a real hot spot for those who aim to reach great heights.

High-altitude alpine location with great transport infrastructure in the heart of Tyrol!

The take-off point alone will make the heart of any flying enthusiasts jump with joy – since it’s located at the mountain top at 2,212 m with panoramic views of the 3000 m summits in the border triangle between Austria, Switzerland and Italy. First-class infrastructure (free transport of your flying equipment, etc.)
and many on-site amenities – such as the Venet Panorama Restaurant or the summit hut’s great accommodation – turn the Venet Gipfelhütte into an ideal location to take off. The landing area at 780 m is just a 3 minute walk from the valley station!

The more adventurous can enjoy the unique experience of an alpine tandem flight. 

Book your bed at the Venet Gipfelhütte – enjoy magnificent views, be closer to the stars and stay right next to the take-off point for your most fascinating flights – ever!

The Venet massif - known for its reliable upwinds – is a popular starting point for longer distance flights to Switzerland or Italy. Opportunities for flights with distances of more than 250 km as well as the stunning alpine scenery make this mountain a truly exceptional location.


Essential "flight details" from the " Venet Flight-Port ":

➢ High altitude flights in the heart of Tyrol’s mountains right at the beautiful border triangle
➢ Hang gliders welcome! (full length transport by cable car)
➢ Summer & winter – all year during the cable car seasons
➢ Take-off possible in all 4 directions depending on the wind conditions
➢ Perfect, large landing area – only 3 minutes’ walk (!) from the station
➢ Great public transport – an ideal base for long distance flights
➢ Magnificent mountain scenery - sunrise and sunset flights available
➢ Top thermals due to reliable upwinds in the valley basin
➢ Local mountain with an infrastructure of highly experienced flyers ""
➢ Tandem/training flights on request with experienced professionals
➢ Ideal flight resort for club, training & group trips

Venet cable car – free transport of your flying equipment; Hang gliders transported in full length
"Venetflieger" – Hang gliding and Paragliding Club - with plenty of information on the flying area, current data and events
Current weather report/ flying weather on the Venet
Venet wind chart